Air India ends work from home from July 20

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NEW DELHI: Air India has discontinued with work from home (WFH) for its employees who could so so during the pandemic so far. From next Monday (July 20), the airline has told its staffers all AI “offices will function in full strength” and that “employees who do not attend office (from then)will have to apply for leave or shall be marked absent.”
Exceptions will be made for those living in containment zones and/or who are in high risk category health-wise.
A staff notice issued by AI GM (industrial relations) Meenakshi Kashyap said the decision has been taken following the unlock announced by the government. “It has now been decided that all Air India offices will function in full strength effective July 20, 2020, and no separate roster for functioning under Covid situation is to be operated. Employees who do not attend office w.e.f. 20.07.2020 will have to apply for leave or shall be marked absent,” it says.
“Due concern should be given to employees residing in the containment zones. However, such employees are required to inform the office along with a copy of the notification and also keep on updating the office about the status of the containment. WFH option can be considered for employees who are at higher risk due to medical conditions, pregnant women and employees staying in containment zones,” it adds.
AI has asked departmental heads to ensure that the norms of social distancing and proper sanitisation are strictly complied with.

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