Chinese app ban: Five Indian apps to switch to

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NEW DELHI: Two teenagers stood by an open field in a non-descript village in the heart of the Capital. Behind the nervous smiles, both seemed worried. Around 59 Chinese apps were banned the previous day.
One of them sported a black earring, a tiny crucifix, dangling from his left ear. When asked about it, he said, “I used to make videos on TikTok and this was a part of my look.”
The other asked, “I hope the government brings out something similar to TikTok, which we can join. We do not know how to join Youtube.”
But unknown to them, homegrown app makers are making a killing due to the ban of their Chinese counterparts. Here are a few alternatives because talent should not be dependent on just one application:
A social media startup, Sharechat is an Indian initiative to share daily WhatsApp messages, status across 15 Indian languages. What started out as a sharing only platform developed into enabling users to generate content to share posters, images, audios, GIFs and hashtags.
As the Indian government restrains the use of popular Chinese app TikTok along with 58 others, Indian content creators have rushed to homegrown app Trell that also provides similar short-video making features on its platform. The lifestyle community-commerce platform has witnessed a huge upsurge in the app downloads with more than 12 million downloads so far,
With over 35 million downloads and 9 million monthly active users on its app now, Trell witnessed a 25x growth within one year.
Khabri is a podcast application with more than a million downloads, is turning out to be a great platform for creators in Hindi-speaking markets across India. With around 40,000 influencers already on the platform, the company has got over 5,000 new influencers onboard in the last few days. Influencers can join the ‘Earn With Khabri’ programme through Khabri Studio App and make their channel on which they can start creating content and publish it on Khabri App.
Aiisma is a hyper-local social platform which creates opportunities for influencers to recreate brand content in their way and shape and market it to the audience following them 360 content format including video, pictures and opinions with rewards or compensation align into each.
In sports, Rooter is a very unique product and has built a strong moat for its business with fans and community-driven content. India’s only and biggest user generated content platform for sports and gaming. Rooter’s unique product positioning is in live content technology that allows tools like sports commentary, live quizzes and mobile gaming. Rooter offers a personalised sports feed consisting of videos, images and polls. Rooter has witnessed 8x growth in daily users since the Chinese apps ban.

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