Covid-19, GST will be future Harvard case studies on failure: Rahul Gandhi’s dig at Centre

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday attacked the government over rising coronavirus cases, saying future Harvard Business School case studies on failure would include the government’s handling of Covid-19.
Coronavirus outbreak: Live updates
Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the former Congress chief also tweeted a clip which included portions from the PM’s addresses to the nation on the Covid-19 crisis, including his remarks that the Mahabharata battle was won in 18 days and the war against coronavirus will take 21 days.
The clip also showed a graph of rising coronavirus cases, making India the third worst-hit nation in terms of infection count.
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“Future HBS case studies on failure: 1. Covid19. 2. Demonetisation.3. GST implementation,” Gandhi tweeted along with the clip.

Gandhi’s attack on the government came a day after India went past Russia to become the third worst-hit nation by the COVID-19 pandemic. Only the US and Brazil are ahead of India in terms of total coronavirus infections.

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