Refunds, non-delivery top complaints against etailers

NEW DELHI: Topping the list of consumer grievances were issues to do with refunds of paid amounts and delayed or missing deliveries of ordered items during the months of April and June when many e-commerce users remained confined to their homes. Refunds seemed to be especially a problem for air passengers who cancelled their tickets and call drops were the most common gripe of mobile users, according to data compiled by the National Consumer Helpline (NCH).
Analysis of the complaints reported at the government-run NCH shows that out of the total 23,859 complaints in the e-commerce category, nearly 30% were related to no refund of already paid amount and another 22% was with regard to non-delivery or delay in delivery of the items.

The NCH data also show that out of the 5,891 complaints under the telecom category, 1,850 were about network problem and call drops. In the aviation sector, a whopping 81% of complaints out of the total 4,247 were related to no refund from airlines after consumers cancelled their tickets. Domestic flight services resumed operation gradually from May 25.
According to NCH, 95% of the complaints related to legal metrology were about charging over MRP. Consumers had lodged 3,856 complaints for violation of legal metrology norms.

However, significantly, there was a sharp decline in the number of complaints relating to masks and sanitisers between April and June.

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